300 FAVORITE MOVIES (in no particular order)

214. The History Boys (2006)

"Reckless, impulsive, immoral — how come there’s such a difference between the way you teach and the way you live? Why are you so bold in argument and talking, but when it comes to the point, when it’s something that’s actually happening — I mean, now you’re so fucking careful!"

Foolish Wives (1922) - dir. Erich von Stroheim


Catchers of Shrimps near Rocks by Renoir

Lucky Luciano Sassface Festival.


Luchino Visconti - Marcello Mastroianni


Roman wall painting from Villa of the mysteries, Boscoreale.


Yankee Doodle Dandy | 1942 | dir. Michael Curtiz

"And we won’t come back till it’s over over there."


Original Caption: Mischa Auer (right), visiting the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, shows he can eat an ice cream cone faster than Robert Montgomery and Carole Lombard


Eva Green in Campari 2015 campaign

“Dear world, I am leaving because I am bored.’”
—   George Sanders’ suicide note   —